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My Terrier-ific Morning

JamJam post cat chasing


So half awake in my pajamas. I am trying to let out our old girl Tally. As I am opening the gate on the deck, JamJam shoots through the opening. She is on a one track mission (get cats). Ever since the snow melted, the "many" loose and stray cats in our neighbourhood have harassed our dogs (well... mostly the terriers), and today for JamJam, was revenge. She somehow managed to get three cats corralled under our neighbours beautifully decorated with many holes in the skirting, trailer. She is now under the trailer with the cats, screaming and barking. Suddenly one explodes from one of the holes and takes off. I think okay good, that one is not dead and there is one less cat. She is still under the trailer with 2 other cats though, and she keeps darting in and out from beneath the trailer. She is all of 12" and 12 pounds but trying to catch a small scruffy and determined torpedo that suddenly shoots out in front of you, is almost impossible. I am now down on my hands and knees, in the mud, in my pajamas and it is raining. My hair is plastered to my head, I am covered in mud, my boobs keep almost falling out of my wet pajama top and I am pleading with my dog to please come to me. I even picked up a piece of insulation and shook it and said "look, here is the cat!". Yeah, she didn't fall for it. She just keeps running all over underneath the trailer, I hear rustling and the occasional "pong!" as either a dog or cat head hits a pipe. I know at least one of the head to pipe meetings was JamJam as the "pong" was followed by a "yip". By now I have obviously woken up the household above as there are lots of stomping feet and people are screaming at each other?? I am half expecting someone to come out the door with a shot gun, but no-one even came to a window to see what was going on. I guess it is normal for them to have a fat lady in wet pajamas on her hands and knees outside their trailer, screeching "JamJam!" After about 15 minutes another cat shoots out of the opening where I am crouched down. JamJam comes into view again - covered in blood on her head and neck - "what blood!" - but she won't come near me. She knows I want to end her fun!

After another 5 minutes or so, I see another cat, but it just takes off into the depths of the trailer's lair. I see JamJam again, but notice she is slowing down - "yeah thanks Jam, so am I, my hands are also numb and I have gravel embedded into my knees. She sniffs around right in front of me, but I can't reach her, and then she darts for the opening, but... she is cold and tired now and the fat lady sings, I mean wins....I caught her!! I limp my way back to the house with my little wet and bloody terrierist. When I get inside into the warmth, it happens! I hadn't yet had a chance to go to the washroom before I started to let the dogs go to the washroom and so, yep....I pee my pants. My morning just keeps getting better! Once I deal with that issue, it is now check the terrier damage time. It turns out all the top of head, cheek, and neck blood is from one little rip on the tip of her ear. So into the bath she goes. As I rinse her off in warm water, I am sure she is thawing because my numb, no feeling hands are thawing. Oh did I mention that it is June! I lather her up and get rid of all the blood and then "whamo!" - she shakes her head. Blood every where again - all over me, the walls, the many bottles of shampoo - everywhere! After 3 more auditions for a murder scene, I finally wised up to wrapping her clean head in a towel. I then nicely bandaged her ear to her head to keep her from shaking her ear. This lasted for all of 5 minutes. I re-did the first attempt and so far this has lasted - whew! As I write this she is in her plush basket, all tucked in and covered up. She is warm and sleepy, but she is sulking, and heaven forbid, one of the other dogs comes near her. The mummy head growls!! So that was how my day started - how about you?!

Oh did I mention I woke up with pink eye!! © Copyright 2015 Jackie McGowan St. Croix


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