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About our Private Consults and Therapy Training

Consults and Therapy Training & Management for Canine Anxiety and Reactivity

Canine on-leash reactivity and anxiety is a common occurrence for many dogs. Unfortunately on-leash reactivity is not only common, it is a growing issue for many families. When a dog, lunges, barks, growls, spins, and pulls at other dogs, while out walking on leash, they are not being spiteful and bad, they are simply trying to cope. A dog who acts this way is filled with enormous anxiety, fear and frustration. Even-though these dogs may love going for a walk with their people, they also are over-come by things they encounter while out walking.

Canine anxiety and reactivity in the home can consist of the following (but are not limited to):

  • strangers coming to the home

  • seeing strange dogs and people from out the window or from the yard

  • being left alone (separation anxiety)

  • losing a family member (human or canine)

  • noise sensitivity

  • living with other dogs in the home

  • guarding resources

  • and more...


These issues are cause for great concern for many families. Dogs who have these anxious/reactive responses on a daily basis either on walks or in the home walks are living a life with chronic stress and this is very hard on their mental and physical well-being.

They are asking for help via their actions and/or coping the only way they know how. In my sessions I will help you and your dog by working on several aspects of adjustment and management therapy. These include, but are not limited to; re-conditioning the emotional response (CER), learned skills, management and relaxation techniques.

You can choose between a phone consult (with hand-outs), a 2 hour in home consult, a consult with follow ups, or an 8 week course entitled
Confident Canine Training (recommended for most cases).

A 2+ hour consultation (included in
Confident Canine Training), consists of going over a thorough questionnaire and history (if available), and discussion and observation of canine and human dynamics in the household. It is important to have all family members present for the initial consult, if possible. An assessment and detailed protocol will be given and discussed as well as individual exercises (lessons) and a (possible) change in diet. Exercise and routines may be adjusted as needed.

A Social Behaviour & Home Life Questionnaire and Registration Form are required to be filled out for all anxiety/reactivity consults and/or sessions. I will review the questionnaire prior to initial visit or phone consult. Please return completed forms to


​​In these very specialized lessons, I will help you and your dog build general self confidence in yourselves and your ability to work together. Your dog will learn to trust that you will help him get out of situations that are too overwhelming and you will learn the specifics that indicate that your dog is no longer handling a situation.
You and your dog will learn coping skills to handle your fears and/or the environments where specific triggers generally elicit a reactive response.


You will learn about canine body language and how to read your dog and all dogs. Understanding canine body language and communication, is imperative in order to help prevent your dog from becoming over-reactive and unable to cope.

Skills training and management skills, are equally important to help keep your dog out of difficult situations and from fixating on their anxiety.


As well, it is important that you and your dog learn calmness and relaxation techniques in order to prevent illnesses from over-exposure to chronic stress. These skills will also help you both be better prepared to cope and become counter-conditioned to specific and environmental triggers. 


You and your dog will learn all these skills together in a way that will build mutual confidence, respect, and stronger inter-species relationship.


*Retractable leashes, electric collars, choke collars or prong collars are not acceptable equipment for any of our  courses*

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Jackie – 902 717-5638

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