Level 1 Scent Detection


Duration:        6 Weeks (one hour class time per week)

Cost:              $150.

Pre-requisite:   Beginner Scent Detection

Available:         Occasionally



In this course we advance away from the beginner scent and start working on scent Wintergreen. This is the first scent that dogs will need to be accomplished at for competition with the SDDA (Sporting Dog Detection Association). For competition at this level, dogs will need to be able to find the Wintergreen scent in three divisions: container, interior and exterior, in order to become titled at the Started level of competition.


​​6 Weeks

  • Teamwork with Handler

  • Introduction to Competition Scent - Wintergreen


*Retractable leashes, electric collars, choke collars or prong collars are not acceptable equipment for any of our  courses*

For Information and to register for Courses

Jackie – 902 717-5638



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