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Understanding and Reducing Stress For The Modern Dog


Available at Mungo's Books for Dog People

Our relationship with dogs is unique. Dogs have become our extended family more than any other species on earth, aside from humans.
Reward based training is the norm these days and dogs share our lives more closely than ever before, so why then are there still so many issues with dogs.
Anxious and reactive dogs no longer need to be the forgotten dogs, or the dogs kept in the shadows, as these days there are almost endless resources by way of books and the internet on helping these dogs. The days of  having to look high and low for a knowledgeable, reward based trainers to help these dogs, are long gone.
Still, these issues of anxiety and reactivity continue in our dogs, and in fact canine anxiety and stress related illnesses are on the rise at an alarming rate in the modern dog.
How or why can this be?
This book will help explain some of the reasons why, and delves into just how much impact our human society and our human expectations, have on our dogs.


The colour photographs and detailed descriptions, provide the reader with an abundance of information on canine body language
As well the section on helping a stressed dog through relaxation techniques is clear and concise.
This little book is jam-packed with information and is a must for anyone who lives with, works with and cares about dogs!


​Author Jackie McGowan St. Croix has been a professional trainer for over 30 years and was one of the first in Canada, to offer classes for anxious and reactive dogs, that relied on a reward based methodology of training only.
Jackie has spent her life learning to see dogs for who they are, and in this book, she allows readers to encompass the respect that all dogs should be given.

This is book will make you think!

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