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   Confident Canine II

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Advanced Private & Group Training for all Dogs!!

Confident Canine Course II                                                                                         

Duration:       6 Weeks (45 to 1 hour class time per week)

Cost:             Private (in your home) - $160.  Available Now

                    Group (at a facility)     - $150.  Coming Soon

Pre-requisite:  Confident Canine I

All courses must be paid up front. 

Mileage (for Private Courses Only) - Listed prices do not include mileage. The first 15 km is free. Further than that, the mileage is calculated at a rate of .10 cents per km.




Lessons are designed to provide further development of the skills learned in the Confident Canine course. Advanced loose leash walking skills, outside of the home environment. Advanced skills in canine body language and how it is used.  Handlers will also learn how to get focus from their dogs, even in a distracting environment and relaxation techniques will also be practiced in a more distracting environment. Advanced skills in mat skill training. Further development on `wait`and `stay` skills. And we will add in some new fun skills.
All lessons are based on a positive and respectful approach to teaching and all are reward based. This means that rewards such as food treats, toys, and environmental rewards will be used in the learning process


*Retractable leashes, electric collars, choke collars or prong collars are not acceptable equipment for any of our  courses*

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Jackie – 902 717-5638

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