Confident Canine Course


  Private training for all dogs!!

Puppy, adult or rescue dogs
Basic manners and more

Why private in home schooling for your puppy or adult dog?
Training in the home where your dog is most comfortable, is the kindest way to train your dog. It allows for little distraction, and better focus from your dog, which is very important as you and your dog learn new skills. In group classes the distractions are very high and the risk for your dog to develop anxiety toward other dogs who are unruly or noisy is high. Group activity classes are great for dogs, once they have developed self confidence, focus on handler and basic skills in the comfort of their home first.

Private (in your home) lessons, allow you to customize the day and time that suits your schedule best. Private lessons in your home, are also ideal for those dogs who suffer with social anxiety and reactivity, as it allows them to learn in a safe environment.

Private in home lessons offer the best option for puppies, shy, nervous and reactive dogs to gain self confidence and focus on handler, prior to attending group classes.

Confident Canine Course

  • 6 weeks - $210.00

Consecutive sessions must be paid up front (unless other arrangements have been made), and do not include mileage

Mileage - An additional fee will be added for locations further than 30 kms from Mount Uniacke, at a rate of .10 cents per km, over the 30 km





Lessons are designed to provide guidance in teaching your canine family member some basic skills that most pet parents desire from their dog (such as basic manners - sit, down, come and more). I will also help handlers accomplish focus from their dogs, and teach fun skills to teach their dog for re-focus and re-direction.
All lessons are based on a positive and respectful approach to teaching and all are reward based. This means that rewards such as food treats, toys, and environmental rewards will be used in the learning process.


What we will work on


  • Focus on Owner

  • Impulse Control

  • Stay & Wait

  • Leave It

  • Conditioned Response Recall

  • Canine Self Confidence

  • Basic Body Language

  • How to Properly Socialize Your Dog

  • Free Shaping Ski

  • Beginner Loose Leash Walking

  • Fun Skills too...

*Retractable leashes, electric collars, choke collars or prong collars are not acceptable equipment for any of our  courses*

For Information and to register

for Courses

Jackie – 902 717-5638

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