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Mud Puddle Paws Dog Training
Scent Detection ~ Beginner


Duration:       6 Weeks (one hour class time per week)

Cost:             $150

Pre-requisite:  None - however a basic manners class is highly recommended

Availability:        Coming Soon

Location:           To Be Determined




Lessons are designed to provide guidance in teaching your canine family member scent detection skills, also known as nose work skills. Handlers will teach their dogs to search containers and boxes for a specific scent. They will teach thier dogs a cue word for searching and indicator skill to inform the handler that they have found the correct scent.
All lessons are based on a positive and respectful approach to teaching and all are reward based. This means that rewards such as food treats, toys, and environmental rewards will be used in the learning process.

6 Weeks

  • Teamwork with Handler

  • Verbal Cue for Searching

  • Dog's Indicator for Find

  • Learning to Read Your Dog



*Retractable leashes, electric collars, choke collars or prong collars are not acceptable equipment for any of our courses*

For Information and to register for Courses

Jackie – 902 717 5638

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