Jackie McGowan-St Croix.has been involved in dog training and working with, and for dogs. for almost 40 years. As well her career as a Professional Dog Trainer has spanned well over 22 years and she was, and is one of the most esteemed dog trainers in Alberta and Nova Scotia.
In the late 90's, Jackie created the first Reactive Dog classes in Canada, that relied solely on a reward based, and positive reinforcement methodology.
These classes were highly successful and greatly sought after, by individuals who were finding it hard to cope with their overly anxious/reactive dogs.
In 2005 Jackie moved to Nova Scotia where she changed her focus of working with canine anxiety/reactivity to on-line and private training, (in-the-dogs-home).


Jackie released her long awaited book,  "Indecent Exposure (Understanding and Reducing Stress for the Modern Dog)" in 2017.

Jackie currently owns and operates Fanickally Canine Skills, and still focuses much of her time and work on helping anxious/reactive dogs and their people.

Jackie also offers in home courses for understanding and properly socializing the new puppy in the family. As well as basic training & manners.

Scent Detection is a wonderful calming and confidence building activity for all dogs, and Jackie offers training for this activity in a group or private setting.


Finally and most importantly Jackie offers teaching in canine body language and understanding the canine species.

Jackie feels this is the most important skill a person can learn about their canine friend.

Jackie writes "Learning the canine approach to every day life and understanding what our dogs our communicating to us and others, is paramount to humans and canines sharing a peaceful, loving and respectful life together"


Author, Professional Dog Trainer ~ Certified Dog Groomer ~ Certified Animal Reiki Practitioner ~ Certified Canine Reflexology Practitioner

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